Annual Competition 2019 Advanced Class Print 

First Place

"Pegged Out" by Geoff Freeman

1 Print Pegged out Geoff Freeman Resized

Second Place

"The Metro Station"

by Jane Morris Abson LRPS

The Metro Station Jane Morris Abson.jpg

Highly Commended

"Metamorphosis" by Trevor Lane


Highly Commended

"Bee Eater Pair" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS

Bee eater pair.jpg


"Those Eyes" by John Gilbert

Those eyes John Gilbert.jpg

Third Place

"Cul Beag Reflections"

by Martin Haywood

P C Cul Beag Reflections - Martin Haywoo

Highly Commended

"The Power Behind the Throne" by David Boath

The Power Behind the Throne.jpg


"Reflections" by David Handson



"Storm Clouds at Dunstanburgh" by Geoff Freeman



"The Old Weather Station" by Trevor Lane

T.Lane. The Old Weather Station..JPG

Annual Competition 2019 Advanced Class DPI 

First Place

"I Can See You" by Martin Vickerman

76 Can See You - Copy.JPG

Second Place

"Monaco Summer" by Martin Vickerman

75  Monaco Summer - Copy.JPG

Third Place

"Lake Bled" by David Boath 

74 Lake Bled - Copy.jpg

Highly Commended

"Homeless" by Geoff Freeman

73 Homeless - Copy.jpg

Highly Commended

"Cyclamen Study" by Geoff Freeman

71 Cyclamen study - Copy.jpg

Highly Commended

"Autumn Spaniel" by Martin Vickerman

72 autumn spaniel - Copy.JPG

Highly Commended

"Impala with Oxpecker" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS

70 Impala with Oxpecker - Copy.jpg


"Still Waters at Montreux" by John Gilbert

58 Still waters at Montreux.jpg


"Speicherstadt" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS

68 Speicherstadt - Copy.jpg


"Driftwood Sculpture" by Martin Bottrill

67  Driftwood Sculpture - Copy.jpg

Annual Competition 2019 Club Class Print 

First Place

"Beacon at Whitby Harbour" by Steven Kossowicz

Beacon at Whitby Harbour.jpg

Second Place

"Endangered Species" by Judith Henley

30 Endangered species - Copy.jpg

Third Place

"Curiosity" by Judith Henley

Curiousity- Judith Henley.jpg

Highly Commended

"Winter Shadows" by Steven Kossowicz

Winter Shadows.jpg


"Torti White" by Michael Fenwick

Torti White  (1).JPG

Annual Competition 2019 Club Class DPI 

First Place

"Arctic Reflection" by Fiona Stone

29  Arctic Reflection Fiona Stone.jpg

Second Place

"Watchful" by Judith Henley 

28  Watchful - Judith Henley.jpg

Third Place

"Curved Glass" by Michael Fenwick

27 curved glass Michael Fenwick.jpg

Highly Commended

"The Mist is Clearing" by Andrew Brunsden

26 the mist is clearing Andrew Brunsden.

Highly Commended

"The Harvest" by Judith Henley

25  The Harvest Judith Henley.jpg


"Ghost Runner" by Chris George

27 ghost runner - Copy.jpg



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