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January 2016 Advanced Class Print


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92 Old Friends - Copy copy.jpg

1st Place - "Old Friends" by Judith Henley

2nd Place - "Lily Twist" by David Boath
3rd place - "Mill Gill in Autumn" by Geoff Freeman
91 Lilly-Twist - Copy copy.jpg
90 Mill Gill in autumn - Copy copy.jpg
H C - "Seat with a View" by John Gilbert
H C - "Kittiwake Call" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
89 Seat with a View - Copy copy.jpg
88  Kittiwake Call.jpg
H C - "Christmas Time" by Judith Henley
C - "Best Location" by John Gilbert
87 Christmas Time - Copy copy.jpg
86 Best Location - Copy copy.jpg
C - "Little Owl on the Forest Floor" by Sue White
85 Little Owl on the forest floor - Copy copy.jpg
C - "Below Stairs in Raby Castle" by Trevor Lane
84 Below stairs in Raby castle. - Copy copy.jpg


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The optometerist 2 copy.jpg

1st Place - "The Optometrist" by Geoff Freeman

2nd Place - "Mating Razorbills" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
3rd Place - "The A Ford Line Up" by Geoff Freeman
Mating Razorbills.jpg
The Ford line-up copy.jpg
H C - "Battling Through" by Andrew Brunsden
battling through AB copy.jpg
H C - "Main Hall" by Geoff Freeman
Seaton Delaval main hall A3 copy.jpg
C - "The Crossings" by Chris Houghton
C - "The Sea The Sea" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
The Crossings Chris Houghton.jpg
The Sea, the Sea Jane Morris Abson.jpg
C - "Book Making Tools" by Chris Houghton
Book Making Tools Chris Houghton.jpg
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