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January 2016 Advanced Class Print


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1st - "Waiting for Kindness” by David Boath

Waiting for Kindness.jpg
2nd - "Behind Bars” by Judith Henley
3rd - "Fast Food and Fumes” by Judith Henley
Behind Bars.jpg
Fast food and fumes.jpg
HC - "Buzzard” by Jane Morris Abson LRPS CPAGB
78  Buzzard - Copy.jpg
HC – “Lone Larch Tree” by John Gilbert
79  Lone Larch tree - Copy.jpg
C - "Caught in the Light” by John Gilbert
C - "Barn Owl Profile ” by Martin Haywood
74 Caught in the light - Copy.jpg
75 Barn Owl profile - Copy.JPG
C - "Can We Go Yet Mum” by Martin Vickerman
76 Can We Go Yet Mum. - Copy.JPG
C - "Right, on Three” by Martin Vickerman
77  Right, On Three. - Copy.JPG


1st - "Detached Gaze" by David Boath

Detached Gaze.jpg
3rd - "Caught in the Mist" by John Gilbert
2nd - "The Painted Cliffs" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS
The Painted Cliffs Jane Morris Abson.jpg
HC - "Traveller with Weathered Face" by Chris Houghton
HC - "Shag Family Gathering” by Jane Morris Abson LRPS CPAGB
Traveller with weathered face Chris Houg
Shag Family Jane Morris Abson.jpg
C - "Even the No Entry Sign has Seen Better Days" 
by Chris Houghton
C - "Take Your Litter Home" by Chris Houghton
Even the No entry sign is faded Chris Ho
Take your litter home Chris Houghton_C.j
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