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January 2016 Club Class Print


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1st - "Portrait of a Grouse” by Sue White

22 Portrait of a Grouse.jpg
2nd - "Stone Bridge" by Ian Bowden
24 Stone Bridge.jpg
HC - "Ever Decreasing” by Paul Newbury
03 Ever Decreasing.jpg
HC - "You Drive me Over the Edge” by Paul Marriot
29 You drive me over the edge.JPG
3rd - "Red on Green” by Paul Marriot
06 Red on green.JPG
HC - "Basalt Column Waterfall” by Ian Bowden
04 Basalt Column Waterfall.jpg
HC- “Ice Lake” by Ian Bowden
11 Ice Lake.jpg
C – “Slow Time on the Rochdale Canal”
by Paul Marriot
C – “Lonely Church" by Ian Bowden
12 slow time on the Rochdale Canal.JPG
19 Lonely Church.jpg
C – “Working Sheepdog" by Inesa Lapunaite
23 Working sheepdog.jpg
C – “The Belted Galloway Calf" by Sue White
30 The Belted Galloway Calf.jpg
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