January 2016 Advanced Class Print


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1st The Old Window..jpg

1st Place - "The Old Window" by Trevor Lane

2nd Place - "A Fine Display" by Martin Haywood
2nd A fine display Martin Haywood.jpg
3rd - "Snowy Swaledale" by David Handson
3rd Snowy Swaledale David Handson.jpg
H C - "Cactus in Fruit" by Trevor Lane
HC Cactus in fruit Trevor Lane.jpg
H C - "Comma" by Martin Bottrill
HC Comma Martin Bottrill.jpg
C - "Waiting for Their Master's Voice" by Geoff Freeman
C Waiting for their masters voice Geoff
C - "Monaco" by Martin Vickerman
C Monaco Martin Vickerman.jpg
C - "Moored for the Night" by David Handson
C Moored for the Night David Handson.jpg


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P 1 Stormy clouds at Dunstaburgh Geoff F

1st Place - "Stormy Clouds at Dunstanburgh" by Geoff Freeman 

2nd Place - "Those Eyes" by John Gilbert
Those eyes John Gilbert.jpg
H C - "Bald Eagle" by Eric Brooks
HC Bald Eagle.jpg
3rd - "At the Village Show" by Trevor Lane
P 3rd At the Village Show Trevor Lane.jp
H C - "Trees in Blizzard" by Trevor Lane
P HC Trees in a Blizzard Trevor Lane.jpg
C - "Cul Beag Reflections" by Martin Haywood
P C Cul Beag Reflections - Martin Haywoo
C - "Abandoned" by David Boath
P C Abandoned David Boath.jpg