January 2016 Club Class Print


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1st The Skagerrak Michael Fenwick.jpg

1st Place - "The Scaggerak" by Michael Fenwick

2nd Place - "Books in the Window" by Chris Houghton
2nd Books in the Window Chris Houghton.j
H C - "Garden Shed" by Chris Houghton
HC Garden Shed Chris Houghton.jpg
C - "Sea Breakers, Gold Coast" by Barry Fogg
C Sea Breakers Gold Coast Barry Fogg.jpg
3rd Place - "Winters Morn on the Loch" by Andrew Brunsden
3rd Winters morn on the loch Andrew Brun
H C - "Anticipation" by Judith Henley
HC Anticiipation Judith Henley.jpg
C - "Enjoy the View" by Andrew Brunsden
C Enjoy the view Andrew Brunsden.jpg
C - "Hen Pheasant" by Chris Houghton
C Hen Pheasant Chris Houghton.jpg


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P 1st The Old Lag Chris George.jpg

1st Place - "Bet I can Beat Your Time" by Chris George

2nd Place - "December in Wensleydale" by Steven Kossowicz
3rd Place - "This is the Way to Travel" by Chris Houghton
P 2 Wensleydale Steven Kossowicz.jpg
P 3rd This is the Way to Travel Chris Ho
H C - "The Beach Huts" by Chris George
P HC The Beach Huts Chris George.jpg
C - "Freesias" by Steven Kossowicz
P C Freesias.jpg
C - "Tobermory" by Michael Fenwick
P C Tobermory Michael Fenwick.jpg