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January 2016 Advanced Class Print


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133  Timeless Elegance   Sue White.jpg

1st Place - "Timeless Elegance" by Sue White

2nd Place - "Contemplation" by John Gilbert
3rd - "Reliving the Past" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
122 John Gilbert_Contemplation_.jpg
141  Reliving the Past Jane Morris Abson.jpg
H C - "Mother Love" by Geoff Freeman
128  Mother love GF.jpg
H C - "Rising to the Surface" by Sue White
126  Rising to the Surface   Sue White.jpg
C - "Blue Grey Heifer" by Sue White
149 Blue Grey Heifer   Sue White.jpg
C - "Misty Morning" by Trevor Lane
138 Misty Morning. T.Lane.JPG
C - "Spiked" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS CPAGB AFIAP
129  Spiked Jane Morris Abson.jpg


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Colourful Reflections.jpg

1st Place - "Colourful Reflections" by Andrew Brunsden

2nd Place - "A Wing and a Prayer - Ripon Cathedral" by Chris Houghton
3rd Place - "On Reflection" by Sue White
A Wing and a Pray Ripon Cathedral Houghton[12513].jpg
On Reflection copy for website.jpg
H C - "Lone Tree at Brimham" by Geoff Freeman
Brimham rock and tree 2[12515].jpg
H C - "Meadow Vetchling" by Nick Browne LRPS
Meadow Vetchling.jpg
C - "Seaton Delaval Staircase" by Geoff Freeman
C - "On the Beach" by Sue White
Seaton Delaval staircase DS[12516].jpg
On the Beach  for website.jpg
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