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January 2016 Advanced Class Print


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1st Zebra fighting Chris Hadfield.jpg

1st Place - "Zebra Fighting" by Chris Hadfield ARPS DPAGB

2nd Place - "Memories of Summer" by Trevor Lane
2nd Memories of summer. T.Lane.jpg
3rd - "Mixed Reactions" by Chris Houghton
3rd Mixed Reactions Houghton.jpg
HC - "Lady Wearing a Bow" by Chris Houghton
HC Lady Wearing a Bow Houghton.jpg
HC - "Wildlife on the Moors" by John Gilbert
HC Wildlife on the Moors_John
HC - "Impala with Oxpecker" by Chris Hadfield
C - "Winter's Arrival" by John Gilbert
HC impala with oxpecker Chris Hadfield.j
C Winters Arrival_John Gilbert.jpg
C - "Morph Egret with Prawn" by
Chris Hadfield ARPS DPAGB
C - "Flower Power" by Judith Henley
C Morph Egret with prawn Chris Hadfield.
C Flower power  Henley.jpg
C - "Industrial Building Roof" by Geoff Freeman
C Industrial Building roof detail Freema
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