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Lockdown Competitions 2020   

Lockdown Competition 1

First Place  

"Screw City" by Ian Bowden

29 Screw City..jpg

Second Place

"Look.Down" by Geoff Freeman

Third Place

"Portrait of a Chicken"

by Inesa Lapunaite

18 Look. Down .jpg
37 The portrait of chicken .jpg

Lockdown Competition 2

First Place  

"I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles"

by Geoff Freeman

11 I'm forever blowing bubbles  .jpg

Equal Second Place

"Coming Right at You" by Sue White

04 Coming right at you ....jpg

Equal Second Place

"Cracking Up" by Jane Morris Abson

Cracking Up Jane Morris Abson.jpg

Fourth Place

"Rainbow Feathers" by Jane Morris Abson

Rainbow feathers Jane Morris Abson.jpg

Lockdown Competition 3

Equal First Place

"Down with the Daisies" by Sue White

34  Down with the Daisy's.jpg

Third Place

"5am Reflections" by John Gilbert

9  5am Reflections (1).jpg

Equal First Place

"Transporter Bridge Middlesbrough"

by Ian Bowden

12  Transporter Bridge Middlesbrough.jpg

Fourth Place

"Poppy Field" by Trevor Lane

7  Poppy field..JPG
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