Members' night with Jane and Geoff

At our next meeting we'll try to entertain you as well as hopefully sharing a few insights with you. No guarantees but we'll do our best... But you'll have to wait for the night to find out the details!

Abstract Themed Competition

This will be the last competition of the year before the final Annual competition. It promises to be an interesting one with a challenging theme! Those members who are heading up the leader board for trophies and/or promotion will be holding their breath to see how they do this time. It will be judged by one of our very experienced and long standing members, Henrietta Byrne.

RPS Awards Presentation

Cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. We'll try to reschedule but in the meantime there will be video presentations next week instead.

Knockout competition on 5 Feb

We've never run a "It's a Knockout" competition before but it's something that many other clubs do. If this one's a success it might be something we can repeat on an annual basis. All the members get to participate and vote for their favourite photos. Because it's the first time we've asked Graeme Clarke and David Gray from Gallery Photogroup to run this one for us.

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