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October 2015 Advanced Class Print 


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35 (1) Cascade copy.jpg

1st Place - "Cascade" by Pauline Pentony

2nd Place - "Floating Reflections" by Trevor Lane
3rd Place - "Catching Bubbles by Helen Addison
34 (2) Floating reflections copy.jpg
33 (3) Catching Bubbles copy.jpg
Highly Commended - "Illuminated pathway" by
Dave Goulding
Highly Commended - "Purple Perfection" by
Judith Henley

32 (HC) Illuminated Pathway copy.jpg
Commended - "Crackpot Hall " by Martin Nunn
31 (HC) Purple Perfection copy.jpg
Commended - "The Stone Wrestlers" by
Geoff Freeman
30 (C) Crackpot Hall copy.jpg
29 (C) The stone wrestlers copy.jpg
Commended - "Reach for the Sky" by Judith Henley
28 (C) Reach for the Sky copy.jpg
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