October 2015 Advanced Class Print 


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90 NORTH scooters - Copy.jpg

1st Place - "NORTH Scooters" by Geoff Freeman

2nd Place - "Family Group" by Martin Haywood
89 Family group - Copy.JPG
3rd Place - "Morning Light at Langstone" by John Gilbert
88  Morning light at Langstone - Copy.jp
HC - "Good Evening Ladies" by Martin Vickerman
84 Good Evening Ladies - Copy.jpg
HC - "Ghost Train" by Geoff Freeman
85 Ghost train - Copy.jpg
HC - "Thinking About It" by David Boath
86 Thinking about it D - Copy.jpg
HC - "A Bridge Too Far" by David Handson
87 A bridge too far - Copy.jpg
C - "Contemplating" by John Gilbert
C - "Best Friends" by Judith Henley
81 Contemplating.jpg
83 Best fiends - Copy.jpg
C - "Diving Gannet" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS
C - "Kookaburra Pleased with Catch" by Martin Haywood
82 Diving Gannet - Copy.jpg
83a Kookaburra pleased with catch - Copy


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Bella Donna Chris Houghton.jpg

1st Place - "Bella Donna" by Chris Houghton

2nd Place - "Gilling Wood" by Steven Kossowicz
3rd Place - "Backlit Baby Bunny" by John Gilbert 
Gilling Wood Steven Kossowicz.jpg
Backlit Baby Bunny John Gilbert.jpg
HC - "Bluebells in Wood" by Eric Brooks
HC - "Booted Racket Tail Hummingbird" by Jane Morris Abson LRPS CPAGB
Awaiting image.jpg
Booted Racket-tail Hummingbird_Jane Morr
HC - "On the Road to Appleby" by Chris Houghton
On the Road to Appleby Chris Houghton.jp
C - "House in the Woods" by Eric Brooks
Awaiting image.jpg
C - "At the Edge of Brothers Water" by Geoff Freeman
At the edge of brothers water Geoff Free
C - "Left to Rot" by John Gilbert
Left to Rot John Gilbert.jpg



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