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3rd April - The Annual General Meeting

It's that time of year again when heated debates spark up over something and nothing. The AGM is not an open forum for discussion but a vote of thanks for the hard working committee members and voting for or against any proposals put forward to the club secretary no latter than two weeks prior to the meeting. The agenda for this years AGM is as follows:

1. Apologies for absence.

2. Approval of 2017 minutes.

3. Matters arising.

4. Chair’s report.

5. Secretary’s report.

6. Treasurer’s report.

7. 18/19 Syllabus report.

8. DPI/Print secretaries’ report.

9. External competition (NCPF/North Yorks, South Durham) report.

10. Election of Club Officers for 2018/2019 season.

11. Revision of the competition rule that states all entries must have been taken within 2 years of submission.

12. AOB

Martin Bottrill

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