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Annual Competition 2024 Advanced Class DPI 

First Place
"Head of the Valley" by Trevor Woods

75 Head of The Valley copy.jpg

Second Place
"On the Campino de Santiago" by Chris Houghton

Third Place
"Duet in the Dark" by Martin Vickerman

65 On the Campino de Santiago copy.jpg
76 Duet in the Dark copy.jpg

Highly Commended
"Well done Son" by Chris Houghton

82 Well done son copy.jpg

Highly Commended
"Perfect Love" by Nick White

64 Perfect Love copy.jpg

"Hoar Frost at Midnight" by Trevor Lane

69 Hoar frost at midnight_ copy.jpg

Highly Commended
"Leaf in the Stream" by Trevor Lane

81 Leaf in the stream_ copy.jpg

"Pure White"by Pauline Pentony

77 Pure White copy.jpg

"Come to bed eyes" by Geoff Freeman

60 Come to bed eyes copy.jpg

Annual Competition 2024 Club Class DPI

First Place
"Dandelion Seeds" by Dave Smith

14 Dandelion Seeds copy.jpg

Second Place
"Malifecent" by Eddie Bishop

10 Malifecent copy.jpg

Highly Commended
"Steam Punk Boys" by Malcolm Radford

31 Steam punk boys copy.jpg

Highly Commended
"Solitude" by Keith Rowlands

16 Solitude copy.jpg

Highly Commended
"Get your own" by Dave Smith

19 Get your own copy.jpg

Third Place
"Awakening - Lower Swaledale" by
Dave Goulding

9 Awakening. Lower Swaledale_ copy.jpg

Highly Commended
"Leaping the Force" by Dave Goulding

30 'Leaping the force'_ copy.jpg

"The Only way is up" by Diane Radford

25 The only way is up copy.jpg

"Solitary" by Eddie Bishop

17 Solitry copy.jpg

Annual Competition 2024 Combined Print Class 

First Place
"Antique Rose" by Dave Smith

43  1 Antique Rose copy.jpg

2nd Place
"Cloud Dancer" by Pauline Pentony

42  2 Cloud Dancer copy.jpg

Highly Commended
"Fountains Abbey Wild Garlic" by Geoff Freeman

40  HC Fountains Abbey wild garlic copy.jpg

"Twistleton" by Martin Nunn

38  C Twistleton copy.jpg

3rd Place
"One Man amongst Giants" by Trevor Lane

41  3 One man alone amongst giants copy.jpg

Highly Commended
"Concealment" by Pauline Pentony

39  HC Concealment copy.jpg

"Angle on the Bow" by David Boath

37  C Angle on the Bow copy.jpg

"ULEZ Enforcer" by Geoff Freeman

36  C ULEZ enforcer copy.jpg
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