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October 2015 Advanced Class Print 


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Halia in the Underwater Cathedral  Sue White copy.jpg

1st Place - "Halia in the Underwater Cathedral" by Sue White BPE1*

2nd Place - "Candlesnuff" by Nick Browne LRPS
3rd Place - "No Way Through" by Dave Handson
Candlesnuff Nick Browne copy.jpg
No way through (Dave Handson) copy.jpg
Highly Commended - "Gladioli and Goldenrod Confusion" by David Boath
Highly Commended - "Little and Large" by
Sean Barker
Gladioli & Goldenrod Confusion David Boath copy.jpg
Highly Commended - "Avalon Rising" by
Sue White BPE1*
Little and Large - Sean Barker 1 copy.jpg
Commended - "Soft Furnishings" by Sean Barker
Avalon Rising  Sue White copy.jpg
Soft furnishings - Sean Barker copy.jpg
Commended - "No Milk Today" by Chris Houghton
Commended - "Spring Peaking Through" by
Trevor Lane
No Milk Today Houghton copy.jpg
T.Lane. Spring peeking through. copy.jpg
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