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October 2015 Advanced Class Print 


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42 1 Through the car windscreen copy.jpg

1st Place - "Through the Car Window" by Trevor Lane

2nd Place - "Medieval Flute Player" by
Chris Houghton
3rd Place - "Liverpool Masts and Cranes" by Geoff Freeman
41 2 Medieval flute player copy.jpg
40 3 Liverpool masts and cranes copy.jpg
Highly Commended - "One Penalty Point" by Chris Houghton
Highly Commended - "Moss and Mushroom" by
Nick Browne LRPS
38 HC3 One penalty point copy.jpg
Highly Commended - "Sunset over Blackhall Rocks" by Martin Nunn
37 HC2 Moss and Mushroom copy.jpg
Highly Commended - "Deep Woodland White Admiral" by Paul Kipling
36 HC1 Sunset over Blackhall Rocks copy.jpg
39 HC4 Deep Woodland White Admiral copy.jpg
Commended - "Cleaning the Windows of the Sage" by Jane Morris Abson CPAGB LRPS AFIAP
Commended - "Long Forgotten" by Martin Nunn
35 C2 Cleaning the Windows of the Sage copy.jpg
34 C1 Long Forgotten copy.jpg
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