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October 2015 Advanced Class Print 


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The Heilan Coo Sue White copy.jpg

1st Place - "The Heilan Coo" by Sue White BPE1*

2nd Place - "Catching the Light" by John Gilbert
3rd Place - "All about the Music" by Martin Vickerman
2nd John-Gilbert-Catching the Light copy.jpg
3rd All about the music  M Vickerman copy.jpg
Highly Commended - "In Suspense" by Sue White BPE1*
Highly Commended - "Alone at Sunset" by
Trevor Lane
In Suspense  Sue White copy.jpg
Commended - "Winston Bridge" by Geoff Freeman
h com Alone at sunset. T.Lane copy.jpg
Commended - "On a Mission" by John Gilbert
com Winston Bridge copy.jpg
com John-Gilbert-On a Mission copy.jpg
Commended - "Watching Daddy" by
Martin Vickerman
com Watching daddy M Vikarman copy.jpg


Genista Lydia copy.jpg

1st Place - "Genist Lydia" by John Gilbert

2nd Place - "Hanging On" by Chris Houghton
3rd Place - "Jump to the Beat" by Judith Henley
Hanging on copy.jpg
Jump to the Beat.jpg
Highly Commended - "Durham High Wood" by
Martin Nunn
Highly Commended - "Common Tern with fish" by Nick Browne LRPS
Durham High Wood copy.jpg
Common Tern with fish copy.jpg
Commended - "Burst of Yellow" by David Boath
Commended - "He is late again" by Trevor Lane
Burst of Yellow copy.jpg
He is late again copy.jpg
Commended - "Rainbow" by Trevor Lane
Rainbow copy.jpg
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