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October 2015 Club Class Print 


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Peek a Boo I See You   Sue White.jpg

1st Place - "Peekaboo I See You" by Sue White

2nd Place - "Busy Bee" by Inesa Lapunaite
3rd Place - "Water an Abstract" by Dave Smith 
Busy bee Inesa Lapunaite.jpeg
HC - "Patronus Nights" by Ian Bowden
Patronus Nights I Bowden.jpg
C - "Autumn Swale" by Dave Smith
Autumn Swale - Dave Smith.jpg
Water an Abstract Dave Smith.jpg
HC - "At the Going Down of the Sun" by Sue White
At the going down of the sun ... Sue Whi
C - "Distant Hills" by Paul Newbury
Distant Hills   Paul Newbury.jpg
C - "The Pole Licker" by Sue White
The Pole Licker .Sue White.jpg
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