6th February - "An Engaging Evening with John and Mike" from Gallery Photo Group

"The talk is entitled 'An Engaging Evening With...' and as the title suggests, interactive and engaging banter with the audience. Our styles are very different which lends itself to a two-man show with contrasting attitudes. Mikes images are known to reflect hard, graphic, colourful and challenging street life. Landscapes on the other hand, is my beef - recording what we take for granted but without compromise! So, contrasting images, invited interaction with the audience and the banter of a Jock and a Sassanach... It'll be the best offer you'll get this year!" - John Devlin


Due to personal circumstances there will be a delay in updating the website for the next few weeks. Apologies for the inconvenience.

23rd January - Competition No 4

Next week sees the penultimate club competition of the season so with many new names already appearing on the scoresheets this year will there be a clear cut leader at the end of the night. The judge for the evening is our own David Boath. An entertaining is in store for everyone. Who will come out on top? Good luck to all those who have entered and is anyone keeping score in their little black book I wonder.

Video of the Month - Lynne Luxon-Jones

As promised, although a little late posting this month's video, here we have another female vlogger who is worth following - Lynne Luxon-Jones. This is part 2 of her trip to Glencoe, Scotland recently, so I know you'll want to see part 1 as well, so make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to her YouTube channel. In the meantime, enjoy her trip to Glencoe.

16th January - NYSDPA Interclub Prints/DPIs Competition 2017

If you were there for the Silver Salver event, you may recall that we had issues playing the slideshow and in the end we looked at the prints from the competition. This seemed to go down very well with the members with a lot of comments coming from the floor. The issue with the slideshow has now been solved by yours truly so the slideshow will be available, but we may have more fun viewing the prints. I'll leave it up to the members to decide on the night.

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