27th Feb "PAGB Cup - Pt 2" or a movie

In a change to the advertised program on the original program and the amended one in the last newsletter, we will be showing the rest of the PAGB Cup entries from last month . I could of course bring along a movie for us all to watch similar to the one we had in December. I'll bring one anyway and we can make our minds up on the night what we want to see. I have plenty to choose from.; post processing, featured photographers, etc.

20th February - Competition No 5 - "Essence of a Season"

We reach the climax of the monthly competitions on Tuesday with the fifth and final competition of the season before the annuals next month. The club has finally agreed to hold a themed competition this time around after much controversy a few years ago I seem to recall. Will somebody have an unfair advantage I wonder? Those who entered the photography competition at the Melsonby Parish Annual Show 2017 might know the answer to that one. With a good showing of snow this year, snow scenes are bound to feature heavily in the competition. Good luck to everyone who has entered but who would be a judge?

Video of the Month - "My complete PHOTOGRAPHY WORKFLOW in 10 Steps" - by Chris Eyre-Walker

A bit late with this months video, but if you received a copy of our newsletter, then you will have seen another video link on there. This time though as we are still in the depths of winter, time for some post processing stuff. I've been following Chris Eyre-Walker for some time now and i like his approach to his photography. It's always good to see how other photographers tackle the everyday stuff that we take for granted and now and again you may learn a new trick along the way or a better way of doing something you do already. So sit back and enjoy Chris's workflow video. If you enjoy it, then give his video a like and even better hit the subscribe button and check out what else he has t

13th February"Photography through the Microscope" with Mike Samworth

Our very own Mike Samworth gets up close and personal with his subjects in his talk about macro. This is sure to be a fascinating evening with something for everyone. I'm sure we'll all be keen to try our hands out on some macro afterwards. This is one talk I've been looking forward to for a long time.

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